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Sculpt those strong lean curves, building the body you’ve always craved without crazy extreme dieting fads and tricks.

let me ask you…

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

You're Feeling Frustrated &

Nothing has worked in the past despite trying many different programs. You’re tired of not feeling confident about your body – but also scared of failing again.

You Hate Dieting
(But Love Wine & Chocolate)

You want to make a change, but keep putting it off waiting for the “right time” to get started. You often feel guilty about things you eat, or if you’re missing your workouts.

You’ve Wasted Money On Detoxes & Cleanses

You’ve been duped by Goop and other lifestyle brands telling you that you need to “rid your body of toxins” to lose all the stubborn fat. Gwyneth and her science-phobic chums don’t know what their talking about, and are only interested in draining you of your hard-earned cash.

You Drag Yourself To The Gym, Tired & Hungry...

… and work your butt off! Problem is you get little return from your efforts leaving you exhausted and confused as to why the latest advice from the flavor of the month guru didn’t work.

You're Already So Stretched For

Being a busy professional/mother makes it feel impossible to fit in any kind of exercise. Giving your health and fitness goals priority feels like a “selfish” thing to do.

You want help making it

Conflicting information leaves you feeling anxious and overwhelmed, so you end up quitting through sheer frustration . You want someone to tell you exactly what to do so you can stop second guessing yourself once and for all!

If ANY of the above holds true, then you already know that achieving a body you’re proud of can seem IMPOSSIBLE to reach, even with all the best intentions.



Most women would assume because I am a body transformation coach that rocking a lean physique year round just came so naturally to me…

… But the reality could not be further from the truth.

My name is Malin, but you can call me Mal!

I’m originally from Sweden, but have spent most of my adult life travelling around Europe to countries such as Ireland, France and Scotland.

It’s fair to say that I became familiar with the unfamiliar, and with that a rollercoaster of experiences and emotions!

Over the last 15 years, I’ve went from overweight to skinny fat to depressed and borderline suicidal…

… to leaving a toxic relationship, earning my university degree and personal training certification, moving my life to Dubai and stepping on the WBFF physique competition stage.

You see…

putting myself out of my comfort zone was a blessing in disguise…

As it’s afforded me the privilege of working with and helping so many women who want to escape the overwhelm & frustration of failing at yet another diet in an attempt to “fix themselves”.

Instead, I provide them with real world solutions for real world problems, I help them to unearth their inner strength and rock a body that turns heads the moment they walk into any room.

You don’t need fixing! You can become your own hero, your own success story. And it’s easier than you might think!

But here’s the thing…

the dieting industry wants you to FAIL!

Sadly, most women spend days, weeks, months and even years running in circles, chasing the latest diet fad or headline with hopes of finally getting those ever elusive results.
And if I can be real for a second, We’re fed up hearing horror stories from women just like you, seeing them constantly being let down, sold short, and given poor information and believing things like;

You have to “eat clean”, “balance your hormones”, go on a “detox” or remove carbs/sugar/meat to lose fat or be healthy.

You will look bulky if you focus on getting strong and lifting weights in the gym

Fat loss means you will feel hungry all the time or that you must give up your social life.

You MUST do cardio, spend hours in the gym, or that your workout is wasted unless you’re drenched in sweat after

What if we were to tell you that NONE of the above statements are true!?

What if there was a way for you to gain TOTAL CLARITY about what you’re doing and why?…

…so you can focus on getting in shape without all of the above NONSENSE?

Wouldn’t that be amazing, right!?

When working with us…


We want to silence the noise, helping you escape the relentless yo-yo dieting trap… and instead teach you the only things that actually matter to build the feminine physique of your dreams.

“And you know what the best part is? The most common feedback we get from our successful ladies is it was MUCH EASIER than they imagined possible. So much so, they don’t know why the hell they didn’t take this approach sooner!”

All of a sudden, they were in the shape of their lives, constantly checking themselves out in the mirror, all the whilst making their favorite foods work for them, not against them.

And YOU can do the exact same… torch that unwanted body fat whilst eating the foods you enjoy… 100% Guilt Free!

The Result? Rocking a tight butt, firm midriff and toned arms with the confidence to match.

So the way i see it…


option 1

You do nothing, change nothing and stay exactly in the same position you are now likely making the same mistakes that hold you back from your Better Body.

option 2

You apply The Better Body Solutions below, transforming your life and body quicker than you ever imagined possible.






As coaches who practice evidence-based nutrition, we work based on science, not opinions! Therefore, we know from the research it’s completely unnecessary to completely remove all the foods you enjoy!

So long as you cover your nutritional bases, you can enjoy your favorite chocolate every damn day if you like!

The problem is, people rely on willpower. Let me tell you, willpower is finite and will only take you so far, before natural psychology makes you “want what you can’t have” more intensely the longer you resist.

Although it’s not sexy, consistency is one of the key pillars body transformation success is built on.

When you make impulsive emotional decisions instead of cool calculated decisions, this is when progress can very quickly take a nose dive.

The end result… inevitable, yet completely avoidable frustration and disappointment, no closer to your ideal body. Time for a new approach….


adult-cutting-daylight-1153369 (1)


Used by top sports and physique athletes the world over, you’ll wish you had tried flexible dieting done right sooner!

When you understand the principles that actually transform your body, it becomes easy to mix and match the foods you need with the ones you love!

A nutrition plan is completely ineffective unless you can stay the course. Feeling intense hunger pangs and cravings after only a couple of weeks is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

With our real world nutrition approach, most of the kick-ass women we work with say they don’t feel like they are even on a diet…

We want that for you too!




When most women approach us, they are truly stuck in a rut. I mean seriously they are in a pretty bad place not just physically, but mentally too!

Listen, I’m sure you can resonate with this. The woman we work with are busy enough without spending countless hours in the gym.

Cardio, followed by weights, followed by more cardio. It’s all about pouring energy out, but what about taking time to fill up your energy bucket?

The truth is, a training and nutrition plan is only as good as your ability to recover and replenish, along with juggling your daily obligations to your job, friends and family.

Instead, we want to teach how to train effectively and efficiently, allowing you to maximise your time inside and outside the gym.

Your workouts should build you up, not break you down. They should enrich your day and enable you to show up as the best possible version in all areas of life.

You need a bespoke solution that fits into your schedule rather than trying to box you in to one size fits all approach.

We have just the solution you’ve been looking for…




The reality is that all the woman you see in the gym who have the type of body you want to swap for yours, well they all have one thing in common…

They are sculpting toned tight touche’s and dropping dress sizes by lifting heavy. You heard me right.

Think lifting weights is going to make you manly and bulky? Think again! What you will end up with is strong, firm, curvy muscle in all the right places.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel with our own “booty blaster” or “tummy torcher” method. We apply tried and tested training principles that have seen our in-person and online clients achieve head-turning results.

Rather than just becoming a smaller but still soft version of your current self, you will see true physical changes throughout your transformation, moving consistently closer to your body goals.

And here’s the kicker… you’ll be in and out of the gym in under 60 minutes!

No time wasted on fluffy unnecessary exercises that do nothing to change your body. We provide you exercises that will give you the biggest bang for buck in the areas you actually want to target and flaunt the most.

And because your training is enriching your body and health, you’ll be bursting with energy, skin will be glowing, cellulite reducing if not disappearing, all contributing to unshakable confidence.


Fit group of people using exercise bike together in gym


Most of those flavor of the month challenges, programs or diets rely on a “law of averages”, meaning they don’t intend to succeed with every individual that signs up for their service.

Instead, they trick enough people to get on board with their agenda, providing a vague, cut and paste solution that will work for a handful of people to seem credible enough…

So if they sign up 100 people, they may get 10 success stories. Ok, they helped 10 people, but they also allowed 90 people to fail, and most likely not for the first time. That’s a huge responsibility to abuse.

Not only that, but even those who did manage to achieve some level of a result, they may have been able to get there sooner, or even a better end result without unnecessary restrictions.

Riddle me this… if you are going to invest your time, money and effort into transforming your body and life, wouldn’t you want to get there in the fastest, most effective way possible?

Would you not want to avoid frustrations and unnecessary guesswork that may lead to quit before you reach the finish line?

Well you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter weight loss strategies that don’t take the time to make you feel heard and understood…




So you want to build a strong, sculpted body exactly as you envisioned it? Then you need a plan constructed from the ground up that meets your exact individual circumstances and requirements.

Before starting your Better Body Transformation Journey, we lay out an individualised “Transformation Roadmap”, where we literally plan out exactly how much weight and bodyfat you can expect to lose on a week to week basis.

We also provide a bespoke training program, complete with training log and exercise demo videos, ensuring you consistently nail your lifting technique and can immediately observe your progress in the gym.

And with the “Better Body Meal Planner & Weekly Check-In Tracker” (complete with 2 Individualised Example Meal Plans), you’ll have all the tools you need to stay accountable and on course to jaw-dropping results.

And because you will have a clear-cut strategy that is 100% designed for you and only you, it will be easier than you ever thought possible.

Since we deliver a highly individualised service, we don’t work with every woman who applies for coaching. We are interviewing you as much as you are us. So if you are serious about getting results and ready to trust the process, be an action taker and…



When you have a clear plan, where you are in the drivers seat, all the success you desire is literally in the palm of your hands.

You want to fit a glass of wine and dark chocolate into your plan? You can do it, in your own time, on your own terms, knowing it’s nourishing your mind and working with your body goals, not against. Isn’t that a revelation!

You can finally flip the fat burning switch. Building a firm curvy booty and toned legs that commands attention at the office, the beach or anywhere you go. You’ll finally rock that firm midriff and look a million bucks in everything you wear.

Rather than feeling like you’re ageing at an almost weekly pace, you’ll feel vibrant and rejuvenated with a new zest for life.


What’s The Missing Ingredient…

It’s quite simple when you think about it, in fact you’ll be kicking yourself you hadn’t thought of it sooner!

All this time you’ve had access to a special resource that could have saved you so much time, confusion and frustration…

… and worst of all it’s been staring you dead in the face every single day.

When you see athletes, sports models, action movie stars, or any profession that strength, athleticism and a solid physique is key to success, what’s the ONE THING they all have in common???

The Old As Time Proven Tool For Success…

A Coach or Mentor…
In fact, most high performers in all walks of life have multiple coaches for various aspects of their lives, such as mindset, nutrition, training, business and life.

Ask Yourself,

Why Is This The Case?

Because they know that it will fast track their success and maximise their return on investment, and some, real damn fast!

Here’s the thing though…

You don’t need to be a pro whose life is dedicated to be in shape.
You can stop blaming genetics because you don’t need that either!

At The Better Body Collective, we’ve discovered that most folks just need a little guidance to get them moving in the right direction…
Most women know what they should be doing…
And are SO CLOSE to the body they’ve been working for…
Yet they miss the mark because they’re execution is inaccurate by just enough of a margin where it’s not noticeable at first…
But after months and years, unwanted fat has just been creeping onto their frame.

You see, that’s the difference between fast results, mediocre results or even worse… getting nowhere!

The funny thing is, the exact same is true for not only getting back on course, but achieving that hourglass shape that demands attention.

We tell all new clients

in the beginning that fat loss is simple, not easy…

But just like small slip ups can make the world of difference over time, making small improvements will change the world as you currently know it!

We refer to it as “The Sum Of Marginal Gains Paradox”.

“The sum of small changes leads to significant outcomes, whether favorable or unfavorable.”

This is where we come in!

Experienced coaches will find that low hanging fruit straight away and make the tweaks with deadly precision, leading to astounding gains.

I see it all the time at the gyms here in Dubai… the same ladies turning up to the gym week in, week out for weeks, months and even years, not looking a single bit different despite working their butts off and sweating buckets every session.

If they had just hired a Better Body Coach, they would have been able to break through stagnating plateau’s in double quick time, saving months or even years of frustration!

The exciting part is, you are only one decision away from changing your life….


Mind Body mastery

A complete coaching program for the woman who wants to transform her life, bring her ‘sexy’ back and to look and feel great … without it taking over her entire life. 

Sound good to you? We thought it might!

it Is Not Only About “Losing Fat” And “Getting Lean”,

its about changing your life!

Don’t Just Take OUR Word For It!

We mean it… Instead, look at what the women we’ve actually worked with say and have achieved

Real Women, Real Time, Real Success.

Spenta, Abu Dhabi

Before LBP, Spenta had tried all diets out there but unable to “follow through” as she always felt too restricted. Well, not this time! She transformed her body (& mind) without terrible cravings eating exactly the same foods she used to eat.

Mirela, Dubai

While the scale can be an important progress measure, it is not ALL that matters or where the most significant changes happens. Even though Mirela “only” lost 6.5lbs / 3kgs in 12 weeks, there’s was massive changes with how her clothes fit and her SHAPE.

Kavitha, Dubai

Kav lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks. She also implemented what she learnt about nutrition to help her hubby lose 20 lbs in the same amount of time !

Afshan Ahmed, Dubai

Afshan lost body fat and gained muscle shape and tone, after swapping from training too much and sub optimally + not eating enough, to resistance based session 3-4 times per week and eating more!

Jennifer Brown, UK

Before coaching, Jen was stuck at her pre-pregnancy weight and couldn’t understand why she didn’t lose weight (despite eating healthy and being active). In 12 weeks this lady managed to lose 8kgs, and 36 cm from her hips stomach and legs combined. Amazing work!

Sam Cubbins, Dubai/UK

Sam lost 32cm overall & 5.5kgs. On top of that, her energy and productivity improved along with her skin. Less stress, less time in the gym, and more self-lovin’ was key to her results!

Charlie Banfield

In the 12 weeks Charlie and I worked together she lost 5kgs & about 11 inches (30cm) in total (hips/waist/legs combined). She was able to get these amazing results by learning about portion control, calories and macros, and ultimately how to make more conscious choices (without eliminating the things she liked, like wine & chocolate!).

Elisha Elliot

Before joining the program my main struggle was knowing why / where I was making mistakes in order to not lose body fat, and I did feel I didn’t look as good as I ‘should’ considering how hard I trained. I feel more confident in myself, in my appearance, and feel stronger than before; mentally, physically and emotionally. I know I can have setbacks or fall off the wagon a little, and that I won’t change as much as I always feared.

Kirsty Dean

I have lost 13kg so far, have had more energy than I’ve ever had (even though I’m in a calorie deficit still) and I’m continuing to learn about how to move efficiently throughout my training programs. I’m mentally in tune with what I need to perform at my best with regards to nutrition, I feel and look great, I really couldn’t have asked for more out of my coaching!

Layan Odeh, Dubai

Layan didn’t need to lose weight, but she did lose body fat & gained muscle to giving her a more sculpted look, after changing from 4-5 group classes per week to 2-3 resistance training sessions and eating to support her needs.

Jennifer Verity, Dubai

Jen actually GAINED weight during the program, but lost inches of body fat from her body. She’s smaller, tighter and stronger and achieved this changing from “cardio weights” to progressive resistance training. She’s did this working full time & being the mother to an 11 month baby!

Jennifer McPhail, UK

Since we started coaching she’s gone through phases focusing on building muscle (curve), losing fat (trim) as well as maintenance (thrive). Her biggest fat loss result happened over a time period of 7 months, where she lost 11.1kgs (24.5 lbs).

Sarah H, UK

Coaching made me understand that you can achieve results and have balance. It’s not all about depriving yourself all the time. I now understand the importance of macros, and throughout the program, I learnt how to make better food choices to feel and look better.

Prarthana, Dubai

After coaching I not only lost weight but there were a lot of other gains as well. I feel stronger, I sleep well and I have more energy. After coming this far I believe if I continue in this path I could even transform my body beyond what I initially expected”

Preethi D, Dubai

Since starting coaching, I learnt a lot of things about hidden calories in food and techniques in workout. Actually you simplified the whole thing and I realised it is not impossible. I lost nearly 5 kgs and am sure have gained some good muscle mass. I have learnt to enjoy my food mindfully and in moderation.

Fiona Hodson

Fiona’s result from 16 weeks “wedding prep”. Fi wanted to slim her waist, feel & look her best for her wedding day! She did just that!

Client M

Rebecca Barnes

After coaching, I now have a waistline. I’ve dropped a dress size (from a UK size 12 to a UK 10 – which I haven’t been for over ten years). I feel comfortable and confident in clothes, I’m being showered with compliments, and I’m smashing all my PBs at the gym. But most importantly, I’m not frightened to eat a jacket potato – my all-time favourite comfort food (in fact I have one most days for lunch). I feel completely in control of my eating, and I don’t feel guilty for eating out, having the odd takeaway, or munching on some chocolate.

This isn’t like any other program you’ve seen or experienced before.

Most other programs out there will leave you:

Tired sick young Caucasian woman in grey homewear sitting on bed with closed eyes, touching her neck, suffering from pain. Illness, pain concept

Completely EXHAUSTED with no energy.

They tell you to do loads of boring cardio and that it’s the only way to reaching your goal. Trust us – they’re dead wrong! We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t think of anything worse than standing on a treadmill for hours on end, wasting time and never seeing any noticeable results.


CRAVING your favourite

Overly restrictive plans fail because you struggle to stick to them. We’ve found with ourselves and our clients that if you fit in the foods you actually LIKE you’re more likely to follow through and get amazing results, while enjoying the actual PROCESS as well and not just the “end result”.


REBOUNDING soon after completing the programme.

Women are left feeling weak and deflated once again after the dreaded rebound. One of the reasons for rebounding is that there’s not enough focus on quality education. Mind Body Mastery is a complete coaching program that combines your individual needs & preferences with evidence based coaching to encourage actual ownership. We’re not tied to a single method (like keto, detoxes, or removing sugar).

Most programmes out there work for 8 weeks or so. But after that, you always end up with all the negative side effects above.

Sounds like you?

Imagine …

Finally having COMPLETE CONTROL over how your body looks

Eating foods you ACTUALLY LIKE, knowing that it’s going towards your ultimate goal of getting back in shape

NO MORE FEELING GUILTY about the foods you eat for fear of gaining weight or ‘feeling’ fat again

Waking up every single morning feeling PROUD & SATISFIED when you see yourself in your bedroom mirror

Feeling on TOP OF THE WORLD and full of confidence when you’re out shopping or at parties with your friends knowing that the clothes you wear fit your body perfectly.

Mind Body Mastery will help you turn what feels like pure fantasy into an absolute reality!


Hopping from one diet to the next? Bailing early because you were frustrated with your results or flat out confused about what to do? Mind Body Mastery is just the solution you’ve been searching for.

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Here’s Exactly How

We Will Help You Gain The CONFIDENCE You Have Always Wanted!

During The Time Working Together, We Will Teach You The Very Same Foundational Principles That Not Only Have Helped Our Clients Get Amazing Results, But That Our Team Have Also Followed For Over 15 Years, Allowing Us To Find Complete BALANCE And To Look And Feel Our Best All Year Round

Our Simple Coaching System Is Based Around 3 Key Elements:



… That Focus On YOU As An Individual

Nutrition is THE most important thing to get lean.

However, even the best plan on paper won’t work without ADHERENCE to said approach.

And for this, your nutrition plan must be individualised, taking your goals AND personal preferences into account.

Only then, will it work FOR YOU and not against you.

This is why we will provide you with a nutrition framework that will get you rapid results AND show you how implement the flexibility you need to enjoy the process!

(even if that means skipping breakfast, eating late at night, or having chocolate everyday!)



… To Strengthen & Sculpt Your Body

Results driven, gym based training programs specifically designed to help you build a LEANER & STRONGER looking body.

We believe that training should build your body up, not break you down.

We do not measure success with “how much you sweat”, “how sore” you are or how many “calories” you burn.

No, my goal is to teach you how to work SMARTER, not harder or more often!

Whether you train with us in person or online, your training program is built to help you sculpt a lean & toned body.



… To Sustain Your Results For Life

Fat loss is simple, but not easy! If it was, then so many wouldn’t struggle.

They struggle because “having the tools or perfect plan” is only a very small part of the story.

The implementation of that plan is what ultimately leads to achieving short and long term success, which all boils down to TWO KEY THINGS;

1) MINDSET; letting go of the Fad or Extreme Dieting mentality and embracing what we call the “Thrive Mentality”.

2) Getting the right SUPPORT and GUIDANCE throughout this sometimes scary and overwhelming process of change.

I’d like to show you

What Your Individualised Approach Looks Like


Your better body roadmap will tell you HOW to get from A-B. We map out the results you can expect (how fast, & how long it will take you to reach your goals) based on your starting point.


Your training program is designed to achieve a toned and strong body and is tailored to your goals and experience! Adjustments will be made when needed.


Get specific and individual nutritional recommendations that will leave zero guess work. It includes 2 sample meal plans with flexible “build a meal” guidelines so that you can lose fat AND include the foods you PREFER!


Confidently navigate through your coaching journey by getting a weekly 1:1 online check-in with your Better Body Coach. On top of this you get 24/7 email access to help resolve any issues or questions promptly.


Fast track your results by learning how to train SMARTER not HARDER. We show you specific techniques to help you train SAFELY, CONFIDENTLY, & EFFECTIVELY for LIFE.


Following an initial movement assessment, we will administer your initial body composition testing and metrics using methods such as skin-fold callipers, tape measure and photos, repeating the process in person every 4 weeks.

DId you think that was it?

Hold on… there’s more!

Bonus #1


This is your private Facebook members hub. Here, you will find a community of like minded people from around the world who are on a similar mission as you. This is a judgement free zone where you can share your breakthroughs, frustrations and everything in between! We also provide a live weekly Q&A answering all and any questions from the community.

Bonus #2


You will have full access to our ever evolving resource library! There you’ll find useful guides such our Nutrition Essentials, Digestion Checklist, Sleep & Stress Strategies and more. Additionally, you’ll receive a professionally made recipe pack EVERY MONTH with delicious meal ideas to incorporate into your day.

Bonus #3


Are calories and macros confusing the utter sh*t out of you? No sweat, as our Better Body Meal Planner makes portion control & learning about calorie tracking easy. With our simple “Build A Meal” guidelines, along with your tailored nutrition plan, you can eat completely guilt free by learning how to include the things you like AND get amazing results.

With Mind Body Mastery



you can join from anywhere!
  • Online Coaching is a progressive and affordable way to get the personalized attention and accountability you need in order to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.
  • Custom training Program
  • Complete Nutritional Set Up
  • 2 Example Meal Plans
  • Ongoing Nutritional Management
  • 24/7 Email Access
  • **Member Bonuses**


  • Our most popular program, bringing together the best of both worlds! Think of it as a fully customized marriage between Online Coaching and Personal Training.
  • Custom training Program
  • Complete Nutritional Set Up
  • 2 Example Meal Plans
  • Ongoing Nutritional Management
  • 24/7 Email Access
  • **Member Bonuses**
  • Initial Movement Screen & Assessment
  • Monthly 1:1 Re-Assessment
  • 2 PT Sessions Per Week


  • You're ready to commit to a serious coaching relationship for that will deliver results over and beyond your expectations of what you ever thought possible!
  • Custom training Program
  • Complete Nutritional Set Up
  • 2 Example Meal Plans
  • Ongoing Nutritional Management
  • 24/7 Email Access
  • **Member Bonuses**
  • Initial Movement Screen & Assessment
  • Monthly 1:1 Re-Assessment
  • 3 PT Sessions Per Week
just to be clear…

How Mind body mastery Works

The most comprehensive and supportive online nutrition & training program available sweats the small stuff so you don’t have to!


What Is Achieving The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of Worth to YOU?

If you’re anything like the majority of our clients, you’ve most probably spent tons of your own money on trying to find the magic solution that would solve all of your problems…

Books and Magazines – Did you even read them more than once and has your life improved since then?

Gym Memberships You Haven’t Used in Months.

Special ‘Diet’ Foods that are promising to help you lose an obscene amount of weight in the next 24 hours! Complete BS!

Retail Therapy (you know what I mean)…

Instead, imagine if you decided to make a quality, long term commitment to your happiness, health and wellbeing, not just for YOU, but your family too…

Now is your opportunity to achieve all of this and so much more!


And Here’s How We Know This Will Work For You

Have You…

Got a wardrobe FULL of clothes you still can't wear?

Have you been waiting for your perfect body to put on that little black dress that’s been sitting in your closet for months?

Tried to get back in shape many times before,

but still confused about diets and exercise plans that have never given you any kind of satisfying results?

You've been thinking about taking action to improve your health & fitness for a while,

but you need someone to guide you though the process in a healthy and sustainable way?

Mind Body Mastery is a perfect fit for you.

And Because We Are So Confident

This Program Will Change Your Life, We Are Going to Guarantee Your Success…

Put Simply, We Will Not Let You Fail…

We’ll be at your side every step of your journey to keep you accountable, make sure you achieve your goals and regain your confidence once and for all. This is one of the most flexible programs I have ever created.

Together, we’re going to smash through ALL your challenges. The Better Body Team will be there if you ever feel like you’ve ‘lost touch’ or don’t feel motivated.

As well as having the full team at your side every step of the way, you’re going to get access to our support group on Facebook. A private place where like minded women come together and share their progress and provide you with all the motivation and inspiration you need to get achieve your goals!

It doesn’t matter what your current lifestyle or fitness levels look like, this plan WILL work for you!

If You’re Not Completely Satisfied, You Can Have Your Money Back


We hate to see woman being promised the world when in reality they are being setup for failure before they even start.


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Malin Blomdahl Lenner,

Co-Founder Better Body Collective

Nice to meet you, my name is Mal, one half of a ridiculously passionate fitness couple who call Dubai in the United Arab Emirates our home. Myself and the rest of the Better Body team are here to help YOU get in the best shape of your life. Sounds a little ‘far-fetched’ and I’m sure you’ve heard statements like that before, but trust us, we do things rather differently.

We know first hand just how confusing it can be when you set a goal, and you start on your journey to achieving it. You’ve no idea what you should be focusing on, the foods you should be eating and in what amounts. And as a result, they leave you thoroughly exhausted with no energy, craving your favorite foods and guess what? You end up rebounding and piling on unwanted blubber soon after.

The good news is we’re here to put a stop to ALL this. We want to empower you to have complete control over not only how your body looks but ultimately how YOU feel. Imagine how amazing it would feel to wake up every single morning, feeling completely satisfied when you see the body you’ve carved out in your bedroom mirror? Something that money simply can’t buy… a physique built off hard work, trusting the process and empowerment through newly gained knowledge of what works FOR YOU!

That’s exactly what our goal, passion, and focus is. We’re not just the run of the mill Dubai personal trainers who will count your reps and sets. We genuinely care and want to help you transform your body.

better body transformation

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