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“Calling all MEN who have Tried Everything To GET SHREDDED and KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF… Yet Nothing has worked…”

“Are you that guy who has tried to get in shape more times than you care to remember only to:

Then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for…

let me ask you

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

We got fed up hearing countless stories from men just like you, seeing them constantly being let down, sold short, given poor information and falling victim to shoddy coaching.

You're Feeling Soft, Weak & Insecure

Let’s be honest, it’s been a long time since you’ve felt your best self. You want to feel lean, strong and command respect everywhere you go.”

You're Feeling Frustrated & Helpless

Nothing has worked in the past despite trying many different programs that are overly complex and time consuming. You’re tired of not feeling confident about your physique – but also scared of failing again.

You're Already So Stretched For Time!

Being a busy professional makes it feel impossible to fit in any kind of exercise. Giving your health and fitness goals priority feels like a “selfish” thing to do.

You're Constantly Picking Up Niggles & Injuries!

Bum knee, niggling shoulder, or maybe it’s that nagging back pain that just won’t go away! You’re fed up of training only to end up in constant pain which throws off all motivation to keep trying.

You're Convinced You’re Doing Things Right!

But in reality you are completely confused about how to diet. You think you’re eating clean sometimes, but you don’t have a real system. You’re not sure exactly what portions or ratios are right for you.

You Want Help Making It Simple!

Conflicting information leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. You want someone to tell you exactly what to do so you can stop second guessing yourself once and for all!

If ANY of above holds true, then you already know that achieving a physique you’re proud of can seem impossible to reach, even with all the best intentions.


Hi, I’M ROSS… One Half of The Better Body Collective.

I’ve been helping men in your very position carve out a bespoke no-nonsense approach to getting strong, jacked, and drop the unwanted belly fat for almost a decade.

I’ve been able to do so successfully as not only can I personally relate to their struggles, I can identify problems fast and provide practical, actionable strategies in double quick time.

“If you’re looking for an efficient solution – something legit that can help you achieve the results you deserve and desire the fastest route possible – then I won’t disappoint you.”

Keep reading to learn how to achieve the physique you’ve always wanted quicker than you ever thought possible without becoming weak and emaciated.

I’m talking about the kind of head-turning results that have people telling you how awesome you look and asking you how you got into such great shape so quickly.


Hi, I’M ROSS… One Half of The Better Body Collective.

I’ve been helping men in your very position carve out a bespoke no-nonsense approach to getting strong, jacked, and drop the unwanted belly fat for almost a decade.

I’ve been able to do so successfully as not only can I personally relate to their struggles, I can identify problems fast and provide practical, actionable strategies in double quick time.

“If you’re looking for an efficient solution – something legit that can help you achieve the results you deserve and desire the fastest route possible – then I won’t disappoint you.”

Keep reading to learn how to achieve the physique you’ve always wanted quicker than you ever thought possible without becoming weak and emaciated.

I’m talking about the kind of head-turning results that have people telling you how awesome you look and asking you how you got into such great shape so quickly.



Simply put, I’ve been an actively working professional coach who’s been applying my trade daily on the gym floor with real people in real time for almost a decade.

I’ve learned to problem solve on the spot and help men (and women!) to train with ruthless precision and intensity.

As a result, I’ve been able to take those skills and apply them to online coaching, helping clients from here in Dubai and all the way to Canada get in the best shape of their lives!

And I’m not alone in my mission! This is what myself and our team of top-class coaches at The Better Body Collective all bring to the table.

We are obsessed with helping people like you achieve a life changing body transformation.

listen here


…because even if I told you that it hasn’t been easy for myself or any of our coaches to achieve the health, fitness and physiques they have today, you probably still wouldn’t believe me!

Instead, I’m sure you can relate way more to one of our client success stories, a regular guy with a crazy busy schedule and way too much on his plate. 

Sound familiar?

Meet Ross Hendry!

When he first approached me, Ross was overworked, overly tired and simply over being uncomfortably overweight. Picture the scene…

It’s August 2014 and Ross had been plugging away for five months dropping from 220lbs to 200lbs. The reality was gym attendance was inconsistent, and nutrition intake was erratic to say the least. Despite this, he felt that by this time he should have seen more change. The reasons for little change became apparent as we commenced a new professional relationship together.

Something was different this time with Ross. My only request from Ross was to give 100% commitment to the coaching process, making small gradual changes over time. He started out as he meant to go on.

He always asked plenty of questions about training, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, you name it. But we always kept a couple of simple goals for habit changes at a time. He would often make comments like:

“I’m 1000 miles from where I want to be” but then always kept perspective immediately with comments like “but the biggest goal for me is hitting my nutrition goals and physical discipline on a daily basis”.


I always remember in this same correspondence

“I made a commitment to change my life forever, not to hit small, short term weight loss goals.”

As a coach, I smiled so much with this e-mail, since I knew that this mindset shift was here to stay. I also knew the results Ross fully deserved were going to come consistently and steadily from this point onwards. This was April 2015 and sitting at around 190lbs body weight and 25% body fat.


August 2015 rolls by and I catch up with Ross for his usual check in. Elated is an understatement with what I read.

“I hit a number weight wise I haven’t seen in a long time! 183lbs, that is now over 37lbs total since February 2014.”

He was eating a minimum of 2,100kcals a day at this point. Eating more and losing body fat? No crash diet will allow this, only long term consistency and effort. And, as he keeps telling me, this INCLUDED CARBS!

His training was always based around 3-4 high quality training sessions a week. No ego based training, always lifting with a huge emphasis on form and technique. Ross had a couple of niggles when he first started. But, he stuck with it and didn’t fall in to excuse mode. By emphasizing quality form and technique, he’s been able to train long term consistently without injury. Sufficient rest and recovery has never been neglected either. The importance of this is underlined when we consider that Ross has serious knee issues in his right ACL and MCL.




The guy looks awesome! Full of happiness and energy.

His journey has helped inspire his wife to start her own wellness journey. These guys are super role models for their kids. He is a busy husband, father and, for most of the journey, Director for one of the leading wines and spirits companies in the world. He often has to travel but doesn’t let this derail his lifestyle or health and fitness goals.

Now in May 2020, he’s since been able to maintain this new body composition and even add some lean tissue to his frame.

We have talked recently about taking his physique to the next level, which is beyond exciting! I know for a fact he will dominate this next training goal also with his determined mindset.

He’s a true example of what can be done if you take that leap of faith and back yourself!

You don’t need to give up your life or search for the magic bullet! You can create your own success story just like Ross. And it’s easier than you might think!

But here’s the thing…

the dieting industry wants you to FAIL!

The reality is unlike Ross, most men spend days, weeks, months and even years running in circles, chasing the latest extreme diet or headline with hopes of finally getting those ever elusive results.
And if I can be real for a second, we got completely fed up hearing horror stories from men just like you, seeing them constantly being conned, swindled, given poor information and believing things like;

You have to “eat clean”, go on a “detox” or remove carbs/sugar/meat to lose belly fat or be healthy.

You are going to be ravenously hungry all the time or that you must give up your social life.

Sweating buckets and Breathing Out Your Arse is a Must! Or that you need to spend hours in the gym.

What if we were to tell you that NONE of the above statements are true!?

What if there was a way for you to gain TOTAL CLARITY about what you’re doing and why?…

…so you can focus on getting in shape without all of the above NONSENSE?

Wouldn’t that be amazing, right!?



We want to silence the noise, helping you escape the relentless yo-yo dieting trap… and instead teach you the only things that actually matter to build the jacked masculne physique you’ve always wanted.

“And you know what the best part is? The most common feedback we get from our successful gentlemen is it was MUCH EASIER than they imagined possible. So much so, they don’t know why the hell they didn’t take this approach sooner!”

All of a sudden, they were in the shape of their lives, constantly taking a double take in the mirror due to the sheer disbeleif at how good they looked.

And YOU can do the exact same… torch that unwanted body fat whilst eating the foods you enjoy… 100% Guilt Free!

The Result? Rocking shirt bursting guns, a solid pigeon chest and shoulders that command respect wherever you go.

So the way i see it…


option 1

You do nothing, change nothing and stay exactly in the same position you are now likely making the same mistakes that hold you back from your Better Body.

option 2

You apply The Better Body Solutions below, transforming your life and body quicker than you ever imagined possible.



big MISTAKE #1



As coaches who practice evidence-based nutrition, we work based on science, not opinions! Therefore, we know from the research it’s completely unnecessary to completely remove all the foods you enjoy!

So long as you cover your nutritional bases, you can enjoy your man foods like burgers and burritos.

The problem is, people rely on willpower. Let me tell you, willpower is finite and will only take you so far, before natural psychology makes you “want what you can’t have” more intensely the longer you resist.

Although it’s not sexy, consistency is one of the key pillars body transformation success is built on.

When you make impulsive emotional decisions instead of cool calculated decisions, this is when progress can very quickly take a nosedive.

The end result… inevitable, yet completely avoidable frustration and disappointment, no closer to your ideal physique.




Used by top sports and physique athletes the world over, you’ll wish you had tried flexible dieting done right sooner!

When you understand the principles that actually transform your physique, it becomes easy to mix and match the foods you need with the ones you savour!

A nutrition plan is completely ineffective unless you can stay the course. Feeling intense hunger pangs and cravings after only a couple of weeks is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

With our real world nutrition approach, most of the boss men we work with say they don’t feel like they are even on a diet…

We want that for you too!

big MISTAKE #2



When most men approach us, they are truly stuck in a rut. I mean seriously they are in a pretty bad place not just physically, but mentally too!

Listen, I’m sure you can resonate with this. The men we work with are busy enough without spending countless hours in the gym.

Weights followed by HIIT every damn session until you feel battered and drained. It’s all about pouring energy out, but what about taking time to fill up your energy tank?

The truth is, a training and nutrition plan is only as good as your ability to recover and replenish, along with juggling your daily obligations to your job, friends and family.

Instead, we want to teach how to train effectively and efficiently, allowing you to maximise your time inside and outside the gym.

Your workouts should build you up, not break you down. They should enrich your day and enable you to show up as the best possible version in all areas of life.

You need a bespoke solution that fits into your schedule rather than trying to box you in to one size fits all approach…

Sure you could buy the latest popular plan online, but it’s a shotgun approach that will work for some and fail others.

You need an individualised approach that is custom built for you, and only you!

We have just the solution you’ve been looking for…




The reality is that all the men you see in the gym who have the type of body you want to swap yours for, well they all have one thing in common…

They are carving ripped yolked phsyiques by lifting heavy with militant precision. No bro style training here!

Think lifting weights isn’t going to shred you up quick? Think again! What you will end up with is a chiselled and athletic physique that performs as good as it looks.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel with our own “10lbs in 4 weeks” or “fat torcher” method. We apply tried and tested training principles that have seen our in-person and online clients achieve jaw-dropping results.

Rather than just becoming a smaller, softer and imasculated version of your current self, you will see true physical changes throughout your transformation, moving consistently closer to your physique goals.

And here’s the kicker… you’ll be in and out of the gym in 60 minutes or less!

No time wasted on fluffy unnecessary exercises that do nothing to build muscle. We provide you exercises that will give you the biggest bang for buck in the areas you actually want to target and show off the most.

And because your training is enriching your body and health, you’ll be bursting with energy, your gut will feel great and work suits will loop pretty damn daper , all contributing to formidabble confidence.


Fit group of people using exercise bike together in gym


Most of those flavor of the month challenges, programs or diets rely on a “law of averages”, meaning they don’t intend to succeed with every individual that signs up for their service.

Instead, they trick enough people to get on board with their agenda, providing a vague, cut and paste solution that will work for a handful of people to seem credible enough…

So if they sign up 100 people, they may get 10 success stories. Ok, they helped 10 people, but they also allowed 90 people to fail, and most likely not for the first time. That’s a huge responsibility to abuse.

Not only that, but even those who did manage to achieve some level of a result, they may have been able to get there sooner, or even a better end result without unnecessary restrictions.

Riddle me this… if you are going to invest your time, money and effort into transforming your body and life, wouldn’t you want to get there in the fastest, most effective way possible?

Would you not want to avoid frustrations and unnecessary guesswork that may lead to quit before you reach the finish line?

Well you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter weight loss strategies that don’t take the time to make you feel heard and understood…




So you want to build a strong, jacked physique exactly as you envisioned it? Then you need a plan constructed from the ground up that meets your exact individual circumstances and requirements.

Before starting your Mind Body Mastery Journey, we lay out an individualised “Transformation Roadmap”, where we literally plan out exactly how much weight and body fat you can expect to lose on a week to week basis.

We also provide a bespoke training program, complete with training log and exercise demo videos, ensuring you consistently nail your lifting technique and can immediately observe your progress in the gym.

And with the “Better Body Meal Planner & Weekly Check-In Tracker” (complete with 2 Individualised Example Meal Plans), you’ll have all the tools you need to stay accountable and on course to jaw-dropping results.

And because you will have a clear-cut strategy that is 100% designed for you and only you, it will be easier than you ever thought possible.

Since we deliver a highly individualised service, we don’t work with every man who applies for coaching. We are interviewing you as much as you are us. So if you are serious about getting results and ready to trust the process, be an action taker and



When you have a clear plan, where you are in the driver’s seat, all the success you desire is literally in the palm of your hands.

You want to fit a burger and bottle of beer into your plan? You can do it, in your own time, on your own terms, knowing it’s nourishing your mind and working with your physique goals, not against. Isn’t that a revelation!

You can finally flip the fat burning switch. Building sleeve bursting pipes and a shelf like chest that commands attention at the office, the beach or anywhere you go. You’ll finally rock rippled abs and look a million bucks in everything you wear.

Rather than feeling like you’re ageing at an almost weekly pace, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a new vigour for life

The exciting part is, you are only one decision away from changing your life….


What’s The Missing Ingredient…

It’s quite simple when you think about it, in fact you’ll be kicking yourself you hadn’t thought of it sooner!

All this time you’ve been holding a secret weapon in reserve, and all you had to do is pull the trigger…

… and worst of all it’s been staring you dead in the face every single day.

When you see athletes, sports models, action movie stars, or any profession that strength, athleticism and a solid physique is key to success, what’s the ONE THING they all have in common???

The Old As Time Proven Tool For Success…

A Coach or Mentor…
In fact, most high performers in all walks of life have multiple coaches for various aspects of their lives, such as mindset, nutrition, training, business and life.

Ask Yourself,

Why Is This The Case?

Because they know that they will fast track their success and make their return on investment, and some, real damn fast!

Here’s the thing though…
You don’t need to be a pro whose life is dedicated to be in shape.
You can stop blaming genetics because you don’t need that either!
At The Better Body Collective, we’ve discovered that most folks just need a little guidance to get them moving in the right direction…
Most people know what they should be doing…
And are SO CLOSE to the body they’ve been working for…
Yet they miss the mark because they’re execution is inaccurate by just enough of a margin where it’s not noticeable at first…
But after months and years, unwanted flab has just been creeping onto their frame.

You see, that’s the difference between fast results, mediocre results or even worse… getting nowhere!

The funny thing is, the exact same is true for not only getting back on course, but achieving a sleeve bursting physique that can’t help but command attention.

We tell all new clients

in the beginning… fat loss is simple, not easy.

But just like small slip ups can make all the world of difference over time, making small improvements will change the world as you currently know it!

We refer to it as “The Sum Of Marginal Gains Paradox”.

“The sum of small changes leads to significant outcomes, whether favorable or unfavorable.”

This is where we come in!

Experienced coaches will find that low hanging fruit straight away and make the tweaks with deadly precision, leading to astounding gains.

I see it all the time at the gyms here in Dubai… the same guys turning up to the gym week in, week out for weeks, months and even years, not looking a single bit different despite putting in some serious graft.
If they had just hired a Better Body Coach, they would have been able to smash through stagnating plateau’s in double quick time, saving months or even years of frustration!


Mind Body mastery

A complete coaching program for busy men who want to transform their life, feel attractive to their current or future partner, and essentially look and feel great … without it taking over their entire life.

Sound good to you? We thought it might!

Don’t Just Take OUR Word For It!

We mean it… Instead, look at what the numerous men we have actually worked with say and have achieved.

Real men, Real Time, Real results.

Dan, Dubai

It’s mad to see those changes in 16 weeks. Very happy with the progress so far, it’s been great working with you, really loved every minute of it and learned so much. I just wish I had started sooner!

There are 2 things Ross has taught me that have been significantly different from what I’ve done in the past. I thought I trained hard with good technique, but the level of precision and detail required for every rep of every exercise has been an absolute game-changer!

Then with nutrition, I’ve always cut out or restricted foods which inevitably led to going off plan. I’ve not felt restricted at all throughout the plan and have been able to enjoy special occasions whilst staying on track.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the coming weeks and months”.

Paul, Dubai

“I met Ross whilst attending a CrossFit class that he was coaching at the time. He was very quick to point out my movement restrictions and had to modify many of the exercises for me. Years of playing football had taken its toll, yet Ross was very patient and took the time to understand my requirements despite teaching in a group setting.

I was drawn to CrossFit for the fitness element, but ultimately wanted to improve the quality of my training, as well as lose some fat and build some muscle! I was working really hard at the gym but not seeing the results I felt I deserved, so I decided to work with Ross privately once per week and follow a personalised program. Over 4 years on and we’re still working together.

It started with an emphasis on the training side where I saw significant improvements in my mobility and training performance. I was reluctant in the initial 2 years to start tracking my food intake, counting calories etc. I was mostly happy but just couldn’t get rid of the fat around the middle despite being fairly lean everywhere else.

I finally decided it was time to give this tracking thing a go. Ross introduced me to an app called MyFitnessPal, provided the targets I needed and gave me some ground rules for key habits I needed to do consistently on a daily basis. It never felt overly restrictive as I was given a lot of autonomy so long as I stayed within the parameters set.

Upon completing my initial fat loss phase, I’m the lightest and healthiest I’ve ever felt. I feel confident I can into the gym and execute exercises with the correct form and have a much greater understanding of nutrition. I would recommend working with the team at Better Body Collective as, if you are dedicated to the process, you can achieve great results.”

Ross, Canada

“Achieving personal wellness goals is a journey that requires personal commitment and sacrifice. There is no short term fix or magic wand. Unfortunately the vast majority of us do not have the experience or expertise required to make the journey an efficient, enjoyable one.

This is where Coach Ross Gilmour and Better Body  Collective come in. Their methodology builds the foundations to achieve individual goals but, more importantly, educates the client in vital fundamentals. As goals are achieved, the program evolves. Weekly check in’s with Coach Ross and easy to monitor tracking ensure this. 

All aspects of wellness are addressed by Better Body Collective with the same level of expert knowledge, situational awareness and understanding. From building nutritional foundations and meal plans to improved strength and weight loss.  

Quite simply, if you can make the commitment to yourself and the process you will see the results you desire. Coach Ross doesn’t just change the game he constructs the rules that allow his clients to dominate their own game. “

This isn’t like any other program you’ve seen or experienced before.

Most other programs out there will leave you:

Completely EXHAUSTED with no energy.

They tell you to thrash yourself with HIIT training, as that’s the only way to reaching your goal. Trust us on this – they’re dead wrong!

FRUSTRATED from lack of progress.

We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t think of anything worse than working your arse off only to have wasted all that time and never seeing any real results. Attending your local bootcamp or following a copy and paste plan in the gym just isn’t providing the return on investment you expect for your efforts. We make sure you get the highest ROI physically possible.

​CRAVING your favourite foods…

as well as constantly looking for cheats and loopholes around the diet. Let’s be real, overly restrictive plans fail because you struggle to stick to them. We’ve found with our clients that if are able to include the foods they actually LIKE they’re` more likely to follow through and get amazing results, all while enjoying the actual PROCESS and not just the “end result”.


Most plans will make you sweat the small stuff for the sake of making their program sound superior. They force you to follow ridiculous rules like no eating after 6pm, or that you must but their “special” supplements to get results. We set you up with a bespoke coaching plan built on evidence-based principles that guarantee results in the time frame promised!

LESS INFORMED than when you started.

You know the give a man a fish vs teaching a man to fish analogy? Well those snake oil salesman have handed you the damn fish but never actually taught you how to catch one yourself. At the Collective, we don’t dictate, we educate! We won’t simply tell you what to do, we’ll explain the how and why in its entirety so that you don’t end up…

REBOUNDING soon after completing the programme.

The problem isn’t weight loss, it’s keeping the damn fat off! Cue yo-yo dieting and the dreaded rebound. Dubai Stone anyone? One of the reasons for rebounding is that there’s not enough focus on quality education. The Better Body Transformation is a complete coaching program that combines your individual needs & preferences as the modern man with evidence based coaching to encourage actual ownership. We’re not tied to a single method (like keto, detoxes, or removing sugar).

Most programmes out there work for 8 weeks or so. But after that, you always end up with all the negative side effects above.

Sounds like you?

Imagine …


Walking into the office with NEW SWAGGER & CONFIDENCE.

Because you look great in every shirt you wear… And breaking necks when you casually roll up your sleeves and show off bulging veins racing down your forearms…


Own a pigeon chest and boulder shoulders thicker than a steel wall.

And COMMAND the RESPECT of your peers when holding a meeting or sharing your 2 cents… When you’re in great nick, you’d be amazed what it does for your status levels…


Ever felt like you have about as much presence as a fly on the wall?

And felt invisible at social gathering? Well now… Things are going to look very different. Chances are you’ll be the CENTER OF ATTENTION everywhere you go (even if you don’t want to be!)…


...because now you are feeling on TOP OF THE WORLD

And full of confidence when you’re out and about, or on nights out with the lads knowing that you look a gazillion bucks without question…


.. and waking up the morning after feeling LIKE A BOSS

When you see yourself in your bedroom mirror.


And it doesn’t stop there… imagine Eating FOODS YOU ACTUALLY LIKE,

Knowing that it’s going towards your ultimate goal of getting PEELED…


Without that feeling of Overwhelming Failure, Shame & Guilt

About the foods you’ve just ate for fear of gaining weight or ‘feeling’ like utter crap if you go off plan.


Oh yeah, and you actually feel CONFIDENT & REASSURED

Now you are not pissing your money down the drain on supplements that do absolutely nothing but create a gaping hole in your wallet.

You don’t have to Imagine, this can become your way of life!


Never seem to follow through? Quit early because you were frustrated with your results or flat out confused about what to do? mind body mastery is just the solution you’ve been searching for.

Give The Button Below A Little Tappy To Get Started

Here’s Exactly How

We Will Help You Gain The CONFIDENCE You Have Always Wanted!

During The Time Working Together, We Will Teach You The Very Same Foundational Principles That Not Only Have Helped Our Clients Get Amazing Results, But That Our Team Have Also Followed For Over 15 Years, Allowing Us To Find Complete BALANCE And To Look And Feel Our Best All Year Round

Our Simple Coaching System Is Based Around 3 Key Elements:



… That Focus On YOU As An Individual

Nutrition is THE most important factor for getting shredded.

However, even the best plan on paper won’t work without ADHERENCE to said approach.

And for this, your nutrition plan must be individualised, taking your key goal AND personal preferences into account.

Only then, will it work FOR YOU and not against you.

Nutrition should provide the fuel you need to train like a fricken animal in the gym so that when you peel back the layers of unwanted fat, you have a rig you’re proud of!

This is why we will provide you with a nutrition framework that will get you rapid results AND show you how to implement the flexibility you need to enjoy the process!
(even if that means skipping breakfast, eating late at night, or including your favorite foods everyday!)




Results driven, gym based training programs specifically designed to help you build a strong, jacked physique that isn’t just all show no go!

WE believe that training should ENHANCE your body and Wellbeing, not break you down.

Therefore, we won’t measure success with “how much you sweat”, “how sore” you are or how many “calories you burn”.

No, our goal is to teach you how to work SMARTER, not harder or more often!
Instead, we measure success with how much lean tissue we can add to your frame and turbo charging your stamina all whilst stripping unwanted body fat from all those stubborn areas.

Whether starting out with our “Prepare Phase” or getting straight into our “Transformation Phase”, the training will help you build a strong, lean & resilient body!



… To Sustain Your Results For Life

Losing fat and achieving that seemingly out of reach body transformation you are bombarded with on the gram isn’t complicated.

However, we would be lying if we said it’s EASY. If it was, then so many wouldn’t struggle.
People struggle because “having the tools or perfect plan” is only a very small part of the story.

The implementation of that plan is what ultimately leads to achieving short AND long term success, which all boils down to two KEY THINGS;

1) MINDSET; letting go of the Fad or Extreme Dieting mentality and embracing what we call the “Thrive Mentality”.

2) Getting the right SUPPORT and GUIDANCE throughout this sometimes scary and overwhelming process of change.

By the end of our time together, the goal is to have you so well informed, you can coach yourself for the rest of your days.

Hell, you’d probably be able to coach most trainers!


I’d like to show you

What Your Individualised Approach Looks Like


Your better body roadmap will tell you HOW to get from A-B. We map out the results you can expect (how fast, & how long it will take you to reach your goals) based on your starting point.


Your training program is designed to achieve a toned and strong body and is tailored to your goals and experience! Adjustments will be made when needed.


Get specific and individual nutritional recommendations that will leave zero guess work. It includes 2 sample meal plans with flexible “build a meal” guidelines so that you can lose fat AND include the foods you PREFER!


Confidently navigate through your coaching journey by getting a weekly 1:1 online check-in with your Better Body Coach. On top of this you get 24/7 email access to help resolve any issues or questions promptly.


Fast track your results by learning how to train SMARTER not HARDER. We show you specific techniques to help you train SAFELY, CONFIDENTLY, & EFFECTIVELY for LIFE.


Following an initial movement assessment, we will administer your initial body composition testing and metrics using methods such as skin-fold callipers, tape measure and photos, repeating the process in person every 4 weeks.

DId you think that was it?

Hold on… there’s more!

Bonus #1


This is your private Facebook members hub. Here, you will find a community of like minded people from around the world who are on a similar mission as you. This is a judgement free zone where you can share your breakthroughs, frustrations and everything in between! We also provide a live weekly Q&A answering all and any questions from the community.

Bonus #2


You will have full access to our ever evolving resource library! There you’ll find useful guides such our Nutrition Essentials, Digestion Checklist, Sleep & Stress Strategies and more. Additionally, you’ll receive a professionally made recipe pack EVERY MONTH with delicious meal ideas to incorporate into your day.

Bonus #3


Are calories and macros confusing the utter sh*t out of you? No sweat, as our Better Body Meal Planner makes portion control & learning about calorie tracking easy. With our simple “Build A Meal” guidelines, along with your tailored nutrition plan, you can eat completely guilt free by learning how to include the things you like AND get amazing results.

With mind body mastery



you can join from anywhere!
  • Online Coaching is a progressive and affordable way to get the personalized attention and accountability you need in order to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.
  • Custom training Program
  • Complete Nutritional Set Up
  • 2 Example Meal Plans
  • Ongoing Nutritional Management
  • 24/7 Email Access
  • **Member Bonuses**


  • Our most popular program, bringing together the best of both worlds! Think of it as a fully customized marriage between Online Coaching and Personal Training.
  • Custom training Program
  • Complete Nutritional Set Up
  • 2 Example Meal Plans
  • Ongoing Nutritional Management
  • 24/7 Email Access
  • **Member Bonuses**
  • Initial Movement Screen & Assessment
  • Monthly 1:1 Re-Assessment
  • 2 PT Sessions Per Week


  • You're ready to commit to a serious coaching relationship for that will deliver results over and beyond your expectations of what you ever thought possible!
  • Custom training Program
  • Complete Nutritional Set Up
  • 2 Example Meal Plans
  • Ongoing Nutritional Management
  • 24/7 Email Access
  • **Member Bonuses**
  • Initial Movement Screen & Assessment
  • Monthly 1:1 Re-Assessment
  • 3 PT Sessions Per Week
just to be clear…


The most comprehensive and supportive online nutrition & training program available sweats the small stuff so you don’t have to!


What Is Achieving The Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of Worth to YOU?

If you’re anything like the majority of our clients, you’ve most probably spent tons of your own money on trying to find the magic solution that would solve all of your problems…

Books and Magazines – Did you even read them more than once and has your life improved since then?

Gym Memberships You Haven’t Used in Months.

Special ‘Diet’ Foods that are promising to help you lose an obscene amount of weight in the next 24 hours! Complete BS!

Fitness & Detox retreats that are nothing like your daily life, so you just gain all the weight back and more!

Stop wasting your hard earned money and even more importantly… YOUR VALUABLE TIME!

Instead, imagine if you decided to make a quality, long term commitment to your happiness, health and wellbeing…
Now is your opportunity to achieve all of this and so much more!


And Here’s How We Know This Will Work For You

If you’ve:

Had to pierce yet another hole in that belt buckle.

A horrible feeling you’ll never have to face again once you transform

Been constantly sighing and grabbing your belly

every time the topic of losing weight comes up.

​Tried to get “back on it” many times before,

but are still confused about how to eat and train to finally achieve results.

Been thinking about taking action to improve your health & fitness for a while,

but you need someone to guide you through the process in a healthy and sustainable way.

Mind Body Mastery is a perfect fit for you.

And Because We Are So Confident

This Program Will Change Your Life, We Are Going to Guarantee Your Success…

Put Simply, We Will Not Let You Fail…

We’ll be at your side every step of your journey to keep you accountable, make sure you achieve your goals and regain your confidence once and for all. This is one of the most flexible programs I have ever created.

Together, we’re going to smash through ALL your challenges. The Better Body Team will be there if you ever feel like you’ve ‘lost touch’ or don’t feel motivated.

As well as having the full team at your side every step of the way, you’re going to get access to our support group on Facebook. A private place where like minded women come together and share their progress and provide you with all the motivation and inspiration you need to get achieve your goals!

It doesn’t matter what your current lifestyle or fitness levels look like, this plan WILL work for you!

If You’re Not Completely Satisfied, You Can Have Your Money Back


We hate to see people being promised the world when in reality they are being setup for failure before they even start.


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Ross gilmour,

Co-Founder Better Body Collective

Nice to meet you, my name is Ross, one half of a ridiculously passionate fitness couple who call Dubai in the United Arab Emirates our home. Myself and the rest of the Better Body team are here to help YOU get in the best shape of your life. Sounds a little ‘far-fetched’ and I’m sure you’ve heard statements like that before, but trust us, we do things rather differently.

We know first hand just how confusing it can be when you set a goal, and you start on your journey to achieving it. You’ve no idea what you should be focusing on, the foods you should be eating and in what amounts. And as a result, they leave you thoroughly exhausted with no energy, craving your favorite foods and guess what? You end up rebounding and piling on unwanted blubber soon after.

The good news is we’re here to put a stop to ALL this. We want to empower you to have complete control over not only how your body looks but ultimately how YOU feel. Imagine how amazing it would feel to wake up every single morning, feeling completely satisfied when you see the body you’ve carved out in your bedroom mirror? Something that money simply can’t buy… a physique built off hard work, trusting the process and empowerment through newly gained knowledge of what works FOR YOU!

That’s exactly what our goal, passion, and focus is. We’re not just the run of the mill Dubai personal trainers who will count your reps and sets. We genuinely care and want to help you transform your body.

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