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Malin Blomdahl

Background & Experience

Like most university students, Malin wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do after she graduated. Studying an Honors Degree in Psychology and Pharmacology at the time, Mal decided to study a personal training qualification in her spare time during her final year.

After graduating with a 1st class honors, Mal did the opposite of what you would expect… she decided to go down the fitness industry path and hasn’t looked back since.

She moved to Dubai with Ross in 2012, working along side each other for the most part. In that time, she has helped many men and (particularly) woman achieve their goals by transforming not only their physique, but assisting them in making significant psychological, and thus life altering habit change.

Malin was recognized for her work by winning the inaugural UAE Personal Trainer Of The Year Award. She also walks the walk, stepping on stage at a WBFF Physique Competition in London, 2014. The experience of stepping on stage and navigating numerous photo shoots since allows Mal to empathize with her clients, as she can relate to how they feel whilst attempting to get in the best shape of their lives!

Malin Blomdahl

Notable Personal Achievements:

Professionally, Malin is recognised and respected by her peers as one of the top female coaches in the UAE. She won the inaugural UAE Personal Trainer Of The Year award in 2014 at The UAE Fit Awards. She has since went on to join the judging panel in 2018 and 2019.

On a personal level, she has certainly walked the walk as far as body composition goes! Stepping on WBFF stage in 2014 to compete in the female fitness physique category. Malin has since dieted for numerous photo shoots, striving to make progress whilst setting a healthy and positive example to her clients.

What Still Excites You As A Coach?

“I’m most excited about the people I’m yet to work with and striving to provide my clients with a constantly improving level of support and service! I’m a perfectionist by nature and although I need to reign that in at times, it pushes me to provide as much value as possible to those I work with and are yet to meet.

I’m excited about our vision at The Better Body Collective! We have pretty large ambitions, but I know Ross, Max, Myself and our team as it grows over time will work relentlessly to transform the lives of as many individuals as our abilities will allow. It’s hard not to be excited about that!”

Malin Blomdahl

Areas of Expertise:

Female Specific Body Composition

Female Specialisation Training

General Population Fat Loss (Men & Women)

Client Psychology & Habit Change

Nutrition for Body Composition​

Nutrition for Sports Performance​

Educators Who Have Inspired My Career:

Malin Blomdahl

Known To Say & Favourite Quotes:

“Expectation Kills Joy“

“Progress Not Perfection”

“There are no bad foods”

“Coffee is life”

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