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Max Physick

Background & Experience

I come from a background of personal experience in the expansive arena of body composition. During school I had easy access to plenty of calorie-dense foods, and unbeknownst to me at the time, would hedonistically consume with no regulation due to living at school with no ‘nutritionally-authoritative’ figure to guide me, combined with a lack of nutritional education.

I left school at 18, 103kg and no experience of either strength or cardiovascular training. It was only during my university years that I discovered exercise and training, underwent my first programme in a bodybuilding gym (garage) in Leeds, changed my physique and continued to pursue development.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sport & Exercise Science, and having qualified as a personal trainer during my final year, I went straight into commercial health club personal training. This was a rollercoaster for sure, and teaches you a great deal about how to operate, present yourself and develop a business within a saturated environment. I would argue that beginning in a health club setting is the perfect platform for trainers to learn the fundamentals of client service, before refining their offering and working towards a specialisation or niche.

Following this, I continued in broad general population coaching during my move to Dubai after 6 years in Leeds. Quickly settling in and familiarising myself with the Middle-Eastern and expat demographic, I looked to refine my skill set within an executive/corporate setting in the DIFC, utilising a more intensive, wholistic approach to deliver body composition results to a higher-risk population, navigating high stress levels, poor lifestyle habits and adverse health conditions, compounded over long career timelines.

During this refinement phase, my thirst for further education grew exponentially as I invested in my somewhat late-developing attitude towards learning, which continues to this day, in the realms of physiology, nutrition (my passion), strength & conditioning and thus by definition, body composition. The broader the skill set or toolbox of the coach combined with the wider exposure of the coach to differing case studies, the more likely they are of identifying the right tool to apply to the right client to maximise output with only the required input.


Max Physick

Notable Personal Achievements:

Showcasing my skill set, I put myself through a body transformation secondary to my development throughout university, to conduct a physique photo shoot after 11-12 weeks of work. This allowed by to, a) get in good shape, and b) understand what is required physically and mentally to empathise with the process of transforming one’s physique – something that a lot of trainers and coaches do not possess. That said, just because the coach can do it with themselves, does not mean they did it safely and/or effectively, and can therefore replicate with multiple clients across multiple situations.

What Still Gets You Excited As A Coach?

Into my 9th year of training & coaching clients, I continue to get excited when clients progress forward through a well-thought out programme, or see markers of compositional change that completely transforms their mindset, which continues to bolster my resolve to keep developing and helping as many people as my reach allows.

Educators Who Have Inspired My Career:

In no particular order, I would say that my influence(r)s include, but are not limited to:

Max Physick

Known To Say & Favourite Quotes:

‘You do not pay me for me to give you a seemingly simplistic answer, you pay me for the 10 years of relentless effort, study and experience that allows me to give you a simplistic, effective and ultimately correct answer.’

I strongly believe in the Bruce Lee quote of: ‘absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own,’ so while I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best minds in the industry thus far, through mentoring and development opportunities, I will pick and choose from the pool of resources based on many influences – success, after all, leaves clues.

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