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The Better Body Collective is very much in its infancy, established officially in July 2019.

With that said, it would be fair to say it’s creation is the culmination of a shared vision that has been a work in progress since 2012. Malin and I (Ross) moved to Dubai in 2012 and until this day have never looked back. To say ever came from humble beginnings would be selling ourselves slightly short, so I will do my best to do our origin story some justice!

Malin and I met in Glasgow working as Personal Trainers. At that point we had gained 2 years experience coaching in what was a very tough gym to build a clientele. It would be fair to say more trainers left than stuck around. We were approached separately by a former colleague to take an opportunity to work as a trainer in Dubai at Fitness First. Funny enough he had no idea Mal and I had recently started dating at the time. With what was a very new and very young relationship, we took the gamble and made the move to the UAE.

It was tough in the beginning. We were crashing on our former friend’s (and new boss!) couch, had less than £200 to our name each, and at the same time Mal and I were still figuring each other out, as well as getting to grips with what was a hell of a lot of change in our lives.

Very quickly within the company, we became senior trainers and had a full client book. The role was a great foot in the door, and even led on to us both competing in the inaugural Dubai Fitness Championship, which also exposed us to the wider fitness industry network. This led to both some great opportunities and disappointing experiences, for which I’ll spare the details.

After 2 years of getting settled into Dubai life,

 we arrived at what is now our second home… The Warehouse Gym.

Kevin and the team made us feel very welcome with our client base (and do so to this day!) and I even had the privilege to run the Warehouse Gym’s CrossFit program for around 3 years before moving on to focus purely on 1:1 coaching.

Over that time, we had the opportunity to grow as professionals, attend and deliver education courses and seminars, meet a lot of incredible people and create memories from amazing experiences. As is with Dubai life, it came with plenty of ups and downs, along with some opportunities that came and went.

Malin and I then spent a year mid 2018 to mid 2019 working separately pursuing separate endeavours. Mal wanted to pursue a switch to coaching more clients online, whilst I took up the role as Director of Training at Embody Fitness in Dubai, regarded as one of the go to Body Transformation facilities. Our experiences taught us A LOT about ourselves, about what we want to spend our time focusing on and just as important, what we DID NOT want to spend our time focusing on.

Many discussions were had throughout 2019, and what we arrived at in the end was conclusive. I sure as hell didn’t want to drive someone else’s agenda, especially if said agenda wasn’t 100% in line with my beliefs and values.

For Mal and I, we share the same vision. We have a shared drive and purpose to help as many people as possible achieve life changing outcomes from their coaching journey. We have developed skills and grown as individuals in the time apart, yet we are far stronger together. And that working together part was pretty damn important.

So we got to brainstorming and tackled some important questions. We attempted our best Simon Sinek and started with WHY, which then drove the how and what.

Some common themes came up again and again. One of those points that we agreed heavily on was the importance or creating a community of like minded people moving towards a common purpose. This wasn’t limited to our clients though, it was essential that this permeated through the entire culture of the business, which meant that any coach joining the team had to be on the same wavelength and resonate with our philosophy. Our first coach to join the team, Max Physick, is a perfect example of the type of individual we want to work alongside at the Collective.

The second aspect that came up, albeit a seemingly obvious observation,

is that every individual that reached out to us wanted simply, in some way shape or form, a Better Body.

But this extended past purely aesthetic desires. Sure our clients want to look better like anyone else who approaches a trainer. However, their wants extend far beyond just physical appearance alone. Not only did they want a better looking body…

They wanted a pain free body, a more energetic body, a more mobile and higher performing body, a healthier body…

They want everything that embodies the very definition of a “Better Body”. They’ve tried the “quick fix magic bullet” approaches that only serve to provide a hit of instant gratification before a meandering path of long term frustration. What they want now is to understand what happens after reaching the goal and how they can find a sustainable middle ground. Let’s be real, the middle ground is where we will spend most of our time, so surely our maintenance body is just as important as our peak physique?

In essence, we very much see our crusade as a mission to build an ever growing Collective of like minded individuals. Our team would personify all the key characteristics needed to best serve our community to achieve all that encompasses a “Better Body” – they are passionate, knowledgeable, humble and professional with a constant hunger for personal and professional development.

As a result we push the boundaries of professional excellence so we can help hard working regular people transform their bodies, optimise health and maximise living.

And thus we arrived at the very name of our business, our identity…

The Better Body Collective.

As a collective, we will work tirelessly to help as many people within our power achieve everything that encompasses owning a Better Body.

our purpose…

“We help hard working regular people transform their bodies, optimize health, and maximise living.”

The Better Body Collective was founded to pursue one relentless mission –

Bring together a group of industry leading body composition specialists to serve a collective of busy, like-minded everyday people seeking to optimise how their body looks and functions.

Questions require answers! Regardless how big or small, complex or simple, we work to provide you with clear and practical answers. Listen, you are crazy busy like the rest of our clients, so you need easy to implement strategies that fit your needs.

When it comes to optimal health and building a physique you’re proud of, it’s all about having access to not only the right information, but an individualised, efficient plan that allows for quick actions, leading to quick wins.

I bet your fed up of promises that fall through, a sea of conflicting information and are at a loss of where the hell to even start?

We genuinely thrive on crafting all types of solutions for our clients. It is that very fluidity in our approach, providing our clients structure in times of chaos and disarray, that makes our approach different and brutally effective. And if we don’t have the answer, we’ll seek out the experts who do!

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